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I just purchased a stallion. What is needed to register his foals?

From DNA typing to genetic tests and breeding reports, here's what you need to do if your stallion is siring American Quarter Horse foals.

To register foals sired by your stallion, you will need to complete a stallion breeding report to file the exposure of your stallion to any mares by November 30 of the breeding year. Once you file the report, AQHA will send you pre-printed registration applications for you to sign the breeder’s certificates and provide them to the mare owners to register their resulting foals. The cost of the stallion breeding report is $50 for the stallion filing fee and $6 per mare listed, if you are a member. If your membership is not current, include $55 for your membership fee. If your report is filed after the deadline, a late fee of $30 is charged for each amendment made after the deadline.

Your stallion will also need to be DNA typed and have disease panel results on file before foals can be registered. To order a DNA or disease panel kit you can sign in to AQHA.com using your username and password, order the kit and it will be emailed to you. You can also download an order form to order by mail at AQHA.com under the forms resources section, or contact Customer Care at 806-376-4811 to order by phone.