I signed into my account and have a new ID? Can AQHA delete the other account?

Learn how to manage your online AQHA profile, link member ID numbers and change your primary ID on AQHA.com.

When you create an account at AQHA.com, you are asked, “Would you like to create a new profile?” If you already have an AQHA ID number, please select No, and you will be given an option to link your existing AQHA ID number to your account. If you do not already have an AQHA ID number, select Yes. By selecting Yes, a new ID number will be created for you after you enter the information for the profile. Once this is completed, you will receive confirmation of your new AQHA ID number.

If you unintentionally created a second AQHA ID number and have more than one, you can contact us at 806-376-4811 to inactivate the incorrect one. In the meantime, if this ID is linked to your account, you can change your primary ID by signing into your account and clicking the Members button in the top right-hand corner, then select Edit Profile and follow the steps to link your correct ID number to your account and mark it as your primary.