I'm buying an American Quarter Horse. How do I transfer him into my name?

A few documents must be sent to AQHA to transfer an American Quarter Horse's ownership.

When transferring a horse's ownership, you'll need:

  1. A completed transfer report form or signed bill of sale stating the horse’s registered name and/or number, the date of sale and signed by the record owner on file with AQHA.
  2. The original certificate of registration. 

More helpful tips when transferring a horse:

  • Before you purchase an American Quarter Horse, it’s always a good idea to ensure that the seller has the original certificate of registration and signs a transfer report or bill of sale stating the horse’s registered name and/or number.
  • Verify that the horse’s markings match the certificate of registration.
  • Contact the AQHA Member Experience Team to make sure that the person you’re purchasing the horse from is the owner on record or authorized to sign paperwork for the owner.
  • To verify ownership, you can request the “Master Registration w/ All Owners & Pedigree” record for the horse via AQHA Services by following the steps below:
    • Log in to your account on AQHA.com.
    • Access the Member Services portal and click on “Free Records” in the Records section.
    • Use the drop-down menu under “Record Name” and select “Master Registration w/ All Owners & Pedigree”.
    • Input the horse’s registration number or click on the magnifying glass to search by registered name.
    • Fill in your email if it is not already populated and click “submit.”