Do I need equine insurance?

Whether your American Quarter Horse is a part of business or a part of your family, choosing an appropriate equine insurance plan protects you and your horse from life’s unknowns.

Equine insurance is a valuable tool to protect you and your American Quarter Horse. When it comes to discussing horse insurance, many people think insurance is just for super-valuable equine competitors. Equine medical coverage and mortality policies can make sense for a variety of horses, even those that don’t compete in an arena or on the track.

Equine insurance falls into two main categories: mortality insurance and optional coverage. Mortality insurance is the most common type of policy, reimburses you for the death, theft or human destruction of a covered horse. Optional coverage additional policies you can add to your mortality insurance plan and include:

  • Surgical: coverage pays for accidents or injuries that require a surgical procedure or sutures. Elective equine surgeries are typically not covered unless medically necessary. This coverage has a variety of limits and deductibles.
  • Medical: covers accidents, illnesses or injuries to a covered horse. Horse owners should speak with their agent/insurer to understand the specifics of any limitations or sub-limits that are included with this coverage.
  • Emergency colic surgery: common coverage and usually automatically included with your mortality policy. Markel provides emergency colic surgery coverage to eligible horses at no charge with a $2,500 limit. You can also increase the limit if needed for an additional charge. With this coverage, there is no deductible.
  • Personal horse liability: protects you against covered legal claims should your horse cause bodily injury or property damage to a third party on or off premises, even when your horse is kept at an independently owned stable.

Insuring your horse is the same kind of personal decision that needs to be discussed with your insurance agent, who can help you weigh the costs and benefits of equine insurance for your specific situation.

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