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How do I file my stallion breeding report online?

These are the steps to take to file your stallion breeding report online.

Stallion breeding reports are due November 30. To file a stallion breeding report online:



On www.aqha.com, in the top right corner, click Members. Then sign in.

Note: You will need to allow account access to link your membership ID number to your online account. Do this in Edit Customer Profile before starting your report, or learn step-by-step how to edit your profile.



After you are logged into the Members area, also known as AQHA Services:

  1. Find the Ownership section located on the right side page.

  2. Click the Stallion Breeding Reports link.


STEPS 3-5: Continue reading this article.


Want to submit a stallion breeding report via mail, email or fax? View options here.