How do I find pending registration of my foal?

Check the status of an American Quarter Horse foal's registration online through the AQHA member portal.

AQHA members can watch the status of their foal’s pending registration papers through the AQHA member portal. The member portal shows:

  • Status of all work submitted to AQHA.
  • Progress of paperwork.
  • Notifications if member needs to provide more information to complete transaction.

To check the status of work:

Step 1: Go to and select Pending Work under Profile.

Step 2: Log into your AQHA account.  If you do not have an AQHA account, learn how to create one here.

Step 3: The page will display any work and/or correspondence pending with AQHA, along with the status of the work:

  • Saved = in review for processing.
  • Pending = pending balance due.
  • Completed.

Check your email, as well, for updates on your AQHA paperwork. Be sure your email is up-to-date in AQHA’s records to receive email updates.

Start the registration process online here.

For more information or for questions on foal names, give us a call at 806-376-4811, option 1, extension 1 or send us a message at