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How do I look up AQHA records and pedigrees?

Free records are open to all users, and AQHA members have access to an even larger variety of records for purchase.

Free Records

Step 1: Go to www.aqha.com. Hover over Quick Links.

Step 2: Click Free Records.

Step 3: Select a record type from the dropdown.

Step 4: Search by horse registration number or name. Click Find.

Step 5: Type in your email address. Click Submit.

  • Note, if you do not see an email in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.


Premium AQHA Records

Step 1: Go to www.aqha.com/services, then scroll to the Records section.

Step 2: Click a link, ex: AQHA Records.

Step 3: Sign in to your AQHA account.

Step 4: Type the registration number or name of the horse. Click the magnifying glass to search.

Step 5: Click the plus sign (+) to expand records options.

Step 6: Click the check mark to select the record for purchase.

Step 7: Scroll down, click Add to Records Request Summary.

Step 8: Double-check your selections, then click Add to Cart.

Step 9: Confirm the purchases in your shopping cart. Click Proceed to Check Out.

Step 10: If you do not have a form of payment tied to your account, you will need to add one at this time. Click Add Payment Method.

Step 11: Add payment method and complete purchase.

Step 12: After the purchase is completed, the record will be emailed to you. It may take some time for the record to arrive in your inbox. You may also return to www.aqha.com/services, scroll to the records area, click Submitted Records and access previously purchased records. Previous records are available for five days after purchase.

For more information or assistance on ordering a record, call 806-376-4811, option 3 or use this contact form.