How do I record my horse’s microchip ID number online?

Members can now record their American Quarter Horse's microchip number online.

To record a microchip ID number on your horse’s record:

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Select Microchip Update located under the ownership tab.
  3. On the Microchip Update page, a section under owned horses will populate with your horse’s information. Select the edit icon to the right of the horse’s name to which you want to record the microchip number.
  4. Enter the microchip number in the provided space.
  5. Verify the microchip number; and click “Submit.” 

Recording your horse’s microchip ID number as a part of its official AQHA record allows AQHA to help properly identify that American Quarter Horse. Proper verification of a horse’s identity can contribute to the well-being of a horse and support consumer confidence during horse sales, competition, registration and natural disasters.

Additional information, including the microchip compliance standards, is available at