I show western dressage and want to know more about AQHA western dressage classes.

AQHA added western dressage to the list of approved AQHA classes in 2020.

Western dressage uses the principles of classical dressage to showcase American Quarter Horses in traditional western saddles in partnership with the rider. Lightness and harmony are emphasized as the horse completes a pattern based on its level of training.

About AQHA Western Dressage

The inclusion of western dressage at American Quarter Horse Association events allows placings and money earned available to AQHA for inclusion on horses’ achievement records, as well as on AQHA’s QData reports.

To find shows offering AQHA western dressage classes, visit the Events calendar at www.aqha.com/events and search for “western dressage.”

AQHA Partnership with WDAA

AQHA forged a partnership with the Western Dressage Association of America in 2019. The alliance goes hand-in-hand with the 2020 addition of western dressage at AQHA events. AQHA and WDAA’s partnership brought a western dressage stakes class to the 2020 Farnam AQHA World Championship Show in Oklahoma City. Read more about the AQHA-WDAA alliance.