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What is a Register of Merit and how do I earn one?

The Register of Merit (ROM) is an achievement that celebrates show or racing accomplishments. There are three types of ROMs: performance, racing, and halter

Requirements for receiving a performance ROM include:

  • Earning 10 points in all performance classes combined.
  • Youth Level 1, amateur Level 1 or Rookie points do not count toward the achievement.
  • More than five showmanship points could affect performance halter eligibility. (SHW365.3.3)

Performance ROMs can be earned in any division. However, to earn one in the youth or amateur divisions, the points must be earned by the horse-and-exhibitor combination.

Requirements for receiving a racing ROM include:

  • The horse has received at least one official speed index rating of 80 or higher in racing.

A racing ROM is based on speed index rating only and not racing points.

Requirements for receiving a halter ROM include:

  • Earning at least 10 points in halter and/or performance halter classes.

**Youth and/or amateur Register of Merits do not qualify an appendix horse for advancement to the Numbered Registry (REG104.2).