What is needed to register my foal?

AQHA is introducing a new resource guide that explains what is required to register a foal with AQHA.

The AQHA Registration Guide outlines the requirements needed prior to registering a foal. The guide also walks you through completing the foal registration application.

To register a foal with AQHA:

  • An application for registration must be submitted.
  • Both the sire and dam must be AQHA registered or a Thoroughbred established with AQHA.
  • Both the sire and dam must be DNA typed with AQHA.
  • A stallion breeding report must be on file.

View the full AQHA Registration Guide.

The AQHA Registration webpage, www.aqha.com/registration, may also be helpful in walking you through the requirements for your particular foal.