What rules are there for naming a foal?

Make sure your hopeful names meet the rules and standards of naming an American Quarter Horse.

The rules and standards are:

  • The name cannot be longer than 20 characters (this includes blank spaces and numbers and is simply because AQHA computer systems are not programmed to allow more)
  • Arabic numerals (1234… and so on) are permitted at the end of a name.
  • Punctuation marks are not permitted (so if you are looking at DASHS DIGIT, there is no apostrophe in the word “DASHS” because it is not allowed per AQHA rules).
  • Keep the name clean. (We do attempt to red flag anything that seems inappropriate.)
  • You have to have written permission from John Wayne to name your horse John Wayne. (The same goes for every celebrity.)
  • The horse can be named anything you like. Although many people prefer to, you are not required to name your AQHA foal according to pedigree.

Check out the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations for a complete look naming rules.

Once you have checked to see if the names you have dreamt up fit these guidelines, you can check them using the Research Foal Name tool! Here’s how to use the tool.

For more information or for questions on foal names, give us a call at 806-376-4811, option 1, extension 1 or send us a message at www.aqha.com/registration-questions-form.