Where do I find information on Leveling? Where is “Find Your Level”?

Here's how to find your level for AQHA shows.

If you are looking specifically for information on Leveling, it can be accessed www.aqha.com/disciplines/showing/programs/aqha-leveling-program. To find Leveling in the navigation, hover over Disciplines, then Showing, then Programs, then click AQHA Leveling Program. There you will be able to access Find Your Level, which is a function within AQHA Services. 

You may also access Find Your Level at aqhaservices.aqha.com/members. Sign in, then scroll down to the Showing section. The first link is Find Your Level. 

Note: You can sign in with the login credentials you used on the old website. But if you did not have an account on the old website. You’ll need to create one. Here’s how to do it.