How do I notify AQHA I’m the new owner of an American Quarter Horse?

Make sure to submit a transfer of ownership report to complete the process of owning an American Quarter Horse.

Submitting a transfer of ownership report is a vital step of owning an American Quarter Horse. By completing the official transfer document and submitting the form to AQHA, a new registration certificate can be generated and mailed, listing the new owner as the owner of record.

To transfer your American Quarter Horse:

  1. Make sure you have the most recent original certificate of registration in hand.
    1. Did the Seller not provide an original certificate of registration? Here’s how to handle that situation.
  2. Download a transfer report here. The transfer report must be signed by the seller and list your name and AQHA ID number on the buyer line.
  3. Make sure the seller you are purchasing the horse from is the last recorded owner on the horse’s papers. If the last recorded owner is not who you bought the horse from, this is called a multiple transfer. Read here for more information on how to complete a multiple transfer.
  4. The date of sale is the date you took the horse into your possession. AQHA does not have a deadline as to when a transfer report should be submitted, nor do we charge a late penalty. 
  5. The remainder of the information needed for the report can be found using the registration papers. If there are any discrepancies or questions in regards to completing the report, please contact the AQHA Member Experience team at 806-376-4811, option 1, extension 2.
  6. To complete the process, ensure you complete the FEES section of the transfer report. If you are a current AQHA or AQHYA member, $25 will complete the transfer. Non-members will be charged a one-year membership for $55 and youth non-members will be charged $25 in addition to the transfer fee of $25 per horse, upon the receipt of a transfer.

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