How do I transfer ownership to my name if previous owners were skipped?

Here's what to do in the case of a multiple transfer – when the person you purchased an American Quarter Horse from is not the name listed on the AQHA certificate of registration.

If you’re not buying a horse from the owner on record, check with your sellers to ensure they have a transfer report putting the horse into their name before you complete your purchase. AQHA does not knowingly allow skipped transfers, but you can send multiple transfers in at the same time and we’ll update the horse’s record and put the horse in your name.

Here's how to do it:

  • Include a signed transfer or bill of sale for each ownership change; this is required in addition to the original registration certificate.
  • Great news! Even when multiple changes of ownership are being reported, the transfer fee is still $20 if the buyer is a current member.
  • If the buyer is not an active member with AQHA, the fee is $75, which includes a one-year membership.

For more questions about transfers: